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Need a hand? Chat to our friendly team on 0800 NZ TRADE (0800 698 7233)
Need a hand? Chat to our friendly team on 0800 NZ TRADE (0800 698 7233)

TUSK Hand Pad 4pcs Kit

This item is currently only available in-store.

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TUSK Diamond Hand Polishing Pads are made from high quality diamond powder for use on Granite, Marble, Concrete, Glass edges and surfaces. Our range has 4 different colour-coded grits: 50 / 100 / 200 / 400. Foam-backed and very light - aggressive and durable - for wet or dry use.

NOW AVAILABLE IN A 4 PACK which includes 50, 100, 200 and 400 grit.

OPTIMUM POLISHING TECHNIQUE: There are times when it's preferable to grind and polish by hand, especially when you need to access a tight spot, or for cold working small areas where machinery is not practical. TUSK Diamond Hand Polishing Pads are flexible, easy to use, comfortable in the hand and perfect for polishing, grinding, cleaning or restoring concrete. For best results, use a little water and use a normal circular or back and forth motion depending on your surface shape. Moderate pressure is all that is required, let the diamonds do the work, if you are polishing, excessive pressure will cause unwanted scratching. Use a coarse grit for rough grinding and a finer grit for polishing or finishing.



  • application: concrete
  • application: ceramic
  • application: granite
  • application: tile edge
    Tile Edge


  • tool: hand tool
    Hand Tool