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Need a hand? Chat to our friendly team on 0800 NZ TRADE (0800 698 7233)


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Fila ViaBagno is a descaling cleaning agent that is perfect for thoroughly cleaning bathroom surfaces. It removes limescale to leave surfaces clean through a long-lasting cleaning action. Whether you need to clean a showerhead or a bathroom tap, a fitting or a floor, Fila ViaBagno will help you get everything sparkling clean in no time.

The powerful formula will leave impressive results, but Fila ViaBagno won’t damage stainless steel tap fittings or methacrylate tubs either. The spray is very easy to use: just spray, leave it for a few seconds, and then wipe away. Not only does the product clean, but it sanitizes too… so more bang for your buck!

Suitable for Use On:

- Porcelain and ceramic tiles

- Glass and other mosaics

- Glass and plexiglass

- Stainless steel surfaces

Method of Use:

- No dilution is required: Fila ViaBagno is ready to be used straight from the bottle

- Spray onto the surface that you need to be cleaned and leave for a few seconds

- Wipe over with a damp sponge to leave a clean finish

- Do not use on polished marble or acid-sensitive surfaces

- Avoid dripping onto acid-sensitive enamel surfaces near the surface being cleaned

Warning Information:

- Read the full product label carefully and retain it for future reference

- Always follow the full information on the product’s label

- This product can cause serious eye irritation: wear eye or face protection

- Wash your hands thoroughly after using this product

- Always keep this product out of the reach of children

- Avoid releasing this product into the environment


- Dispose of contents and the container in line with local regulations