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Need a hand? Chat to our friendly team on 0800 NZ TRADE (0800 698 7233)

FILA SR95 75ml bottle

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The Fila SR95 Stain Remover for coloured and organic stains has been specially developed to remove stains like wine, tea and coffee, soft drinks and indelible marker. Unlike other cleaning products, the Fila SR95 works to remove ingrained stains from natural stone surfaces. It can be confidently used on natural stone as it doesn’t attack the finish. 

Ideal for use on ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone and agglomerates, and concrete, Fila SR95 tackles and removes stains where other, normal cleaners have no effect. Low absorption surfaces, like porcelain or textured single fired tiles, are also a breeze. Coffee, tea, and wine stains are well-known for being tough stains to shift. So let the Fila SR95 stain remover take them on and you’ll be impressed with the results! 

Suitable for Use On:

- Porcelain tiles

- Glazed ceramic tiles

- Stone and agglomerates

- Concrete 

Method of Use:

- No dilution is required as the product is ready to use as it comes in the container

- Shake the can well before using it to 

- Apply directly onto the stain, ensuring it is totally covered

- Leave the product on the stain for about 15 minutes

- Remove the residue using a sponge

- For stubborn stains, remove the product before it dries completely and repeat 

Warning Information:

- This product bleaches fabrics, so please take care when using it near them

- Always fully read the product label and information before use

- A small patch test before wider use on a surface for the first time is recommended

- Always ensure you keep this product out of the reach of children