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Need a hand? Chat to our friendly team on 0800 NZ TRADE (0800 698 7233)


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Quick setting powder adhesive with high polymeric content for fixing ceramic tiles.

Suitable for porcelain stoneware, over-tiling and on heating screeds.


  • Quick-setting
  • Monocomponent
  • Layers up to 10 mm thick
  • Frost proof
  • No vertical creep


  • Grey powder


  • 6 months in dry place


  • Quick fixing ceramic tiles of all types, even large sizes, on indoor and outdoor walls and floors.
  • Over-tiling on top of old ceramic tiles without the use of primer.
  • Suitable for use when high performance is required within a short time, such as: tile laying in industrial environments, swimming pools or facades.
  • Fixing natural stone and marble, so long as they are not affected by water.
  • Fixing on water heating screeds.
  • Spot-glueing and leveling insulating panels made of polystyrene, polyurethane foam, rock or glass wool and cork, with fiberglass netting buried in the layer.


Cement-based plaster, cement-lime mortar, gypsum-based plaster¹, anhydrite screeds¹, cement-based screeds, concrete, aerated concrete, old ceramic floors, resilient floors perfectly adherent (excluding polyolefin coatings)², plasterboard, RASOLASTIK range and RASOGUM +.

¹ after application of PRIMER-T PLUS

² after application of PRIMER-101 PLUS